Name Online Estate Auction in Mesa AZ 85205 Ends Sun. 1/29/23 7pm
Auctioneer Copper State Auctions
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 1/21/2023 - 1/29/2023
January 21 - 29, 2023. Auction Lots Start to Close 7:00pm MST and Close ~ 20 Seconds Apart with a Soft Close Feature
Preview Date/Time Preview By Appointment Only Call or Text 602-888-2BID or 480-435-9900
Checkout Date/Time One Day Only: Pickup and Load Out of all Items Won is Monday January 30, 2023 11:00am to 6:00pm at a Residential Home in Mesa, AZ 85205. We Only Ship Designated Items; Please See Lot Listing for Details.
Location 5656 E Adobe Road
Mesa, AZ 85205
Buyer Premium 15% Buyer Premium Added to All Purchases
This is an Online Only Estate Auction featuring Vintage Items, Jewelry, Furniture, Household Items, Kitchenware & Small Electrics, Collectibles and more! Bidding is open from January 21, 2023 – January 29, 2023. Bidding Ends Sunday January 29, 2023 7:00pm MST. Here is a Partial Listing of the Items Up for Auction: Wristwatches, DVD Movies, Gaming Console, Vintage Arizona Collectibles, Space Heaters, Electric Fans, Jewelry, Sleeper Sofa, Vintage Games, Table Lamps, Floor Lamp, Nightstands & Dressers, Yard Tools, Metal Utility Dolly, Hand Tools, Small Electrics, Food Processor, Roaster Oven, Bowls, Flatware Sets, Dish Sets, Collectible Artwork, Folding Tables, Flatscreen TV, Computer Printer, China Cabinet, Display Cabinet, Storage Cabinets, Electronics, Books, Office Supplies, Full Size Bedframe, Mirrored Dresser, Wall Art, Decor, Table Lamps, Clocks, Health And Beauty Items Including, End Tables, And Lots More! Our online auctions employ a staggered closing style with a soft close feature per lot. This means that the first lot in the auction will close at 7:00pm Arizona Time, then each successive lot number will close approximately 15-45 seconds later. The soft close feature means if there is a bid placed in the last five minutes of the posted bid countdown timer, and additional five minutes is added to the countdown timer extending the closing time of that lot. This prevents “sniping” (a bid placed within seconds of the closing time) as well as allowing additional bids to be made – this feature will extend the bidding countdown timer, indefinitely, until there are no more bids made. This auction will have a 15% buyer's premium (buyer's fee) that charge a pre-tax percentage fee calculated on all purchases; this fee will be added to all invoices. PICKUP IS ONE DAY ONLY: Monday January 30, 2023 11:00am – 6:00pm, at a residential home in east, Mesa, AZ 85205. For more information about pickup or shipping, please click the appropriate link at the top of this page in grey lettering to the right of our logo. Please Ensure That You Have Read All Terms & Conditions Of This Auction And If You Have Registered, Please Ensure That You Have Received A Copy Of The Terms & Conditions At The Email Address In Which You Registered. If You Did Not Receive An Email Confirmation Within 1 Hour After You Have Registered, Please Check Your Spam/Junk Folder As Important Bidding, Payment And Pickup Information Is Included In This Email – Failure To Receive Our Emails Limits Our Ability To Communicate Important Information To You About This Auction Including Picking Up Your Item(s) Shipping, And Item(s) Won.
Auction Terms & Conditions WELCOME TO COPPER STATE AUCTIONS! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW THE TERMS THOROUGHLY PRIOR TO BIDDING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT BID Bidder Terms and Conditions: Personal Property: Online Only Auction Event These Bidder Terms and Conditions apply to auctions conducted by Copper State Auctions, LLC, Auctioneer, having a business address at 2733 N Power Road, Suite 102, Mesa, AZ 85215 (“Auction Firm”), and constitute a legal, valid, binding, and enforceable contract between Auction Firm and each Bidder. These bidder terms and conditions also form the basis for the contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer. For the purposes of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, the term “YOU” refers to each Bidder (as defined below). 1. Bidder Terms and Conditions; Posted Terms; Announcements at the Time of the Auction; Agreement to Be Bound. The Auction is conducted under and in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions and any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s) and on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. The Auction is subject to any announcements or corrections by Auction Firm. By participating in the Auction in any way, YOU agree to be bound by, and to abide by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions. 2. Definitions. The following definitions apply to these Bidder Terms and Conditions: “Auction” means an online auction sale conducted by Auction Firm. “Auction Firm” means Copper State Auctions, LLC, Auction Firm. "Bidder" means any person or entity, and the agents or representatives of any such person or entity, that registers, and/or bids, and/or buys, and/or otherwise participates in the Auction (including, without being limited to, inspection, shipment, receipt of shipment and/or pick-up), regardless of whether such person or entity tenders a bid. "Bidder Account" means the number or other identifier issued by Auction Firm to a Bidder. "Bidder Registration" means the information provided by a prospective Bidder, and the process of registering such prospective Bidder to bid at the Auction, including the prospective Bidder's agreement to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions. "Bidder Terms and Conditions" means these Bidder Terms and Conditions. "Buyer" means the Winning Bidder on a Lot. "Buyer's Premium" is an amount with respect to each Lot, calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price, that is payable by the Buyer to Auction Firm for its own account. "Contract Price" means an amount equal to the Hammer Price plus the Buyer's Premium and applicable tax. "Fall of the Hammer" means the point, after bids have been received, at which Auction Firm declares a Lot "sold" to the Bidder acknowledged by Auction Firm as having made the Winning Bid. During an online Auction, the Fall of the Hammer will occur electronically at the end of timed (or extended) bidding. "Hammer Price" means the High Bid amount recognized by Auction Firm with the Fall of the Hammer. "High Bid" means the amount recognized by Auction Firm as the highest bid at the conclusion of bidding on a Lot. "High Bidder" means the Bidder recognized by Auction Firm as having made the High Bid on a Lot. "High Estimate" means an amount that Auction Firm anticipates that a Lot may bring at the high end of a spectrum of possible bids. The High Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such. "Lot" means each individual item or grouping of personal property put up at one time by Auction Firm. "Low Estimate" means an amount that Auction Firm anticipates that a Lot may bring at the low end of a spectrum of possible bids. The Low Estimate, if used, is not a valuation or appraisal, and cannot be relied on as such. "No Sale" occurs if a Lot is put up at the Auction but is not sold, and Auction Firm passes on such Lot, withdraws the Lot, or declares a No Sale of the Lot. "Online Auction Platform" means any hardware and/or software utilized to conduct the Auction online and to facilitate online bidding, including any associated, adjunct, and/or complementary websites, services, premiums, and promotions. Auction Firm may utilize one or more Online Auction Platforms. "Online Auction Platform Provider" means the provider of an Online Auction Platform and related services. Auction Firm may utilize one or more Online Auction Platform Providers. "Online Bidding Period" means any established period during which online bids may be tendered. “Private Sale” means an event in which a Lot is sold (or gifted) by the Seller, or on the Seller’s behalf, other than at the Auction. “Private Sale Price” means the fair market purchase price of a Lot paid, or agreed to be paid, at a Private Sale in an arms-length transaction between the Seller and the purchaser. If a Lot is sold through a Private Sale for less than its fair market value, or in a transaction that is not an arms-length transaction, or is gifted by the Seller, the Private Sale Price will be an amount equal to the fair market value of the Lot in an arms-length transaction. "Reserve" or "With Reserve" means that property put up at auction may be withdrawn by Auction Firm and/or bids may be rejected by Auction Firm prior to the Fall of the Hammer. It is not necessary for there to be a Reserve Price for an Auction to be With Reserve. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE BY AUCTION FIRM IN WRITING, ALL LOTS ARE BEING SOLD WITH RESERVE. "Reserve Price" means the minimum price that Seller is willing to accept for a Lot. If a Lot put up With Reserve is subject to a Reserve Price, the Lot will not be sold unless the Reserve Price is met or waived. It is not required for any Reserve Price to be disclosed. "Winning Bid" means the highest bid received and accepted (and if Subject to Seller's Confirmation, confirmed by Seller). "Winning Bidder" means the Bidder who is recognized by Auction Firm as having made the Winning Bid. "Without Reserve" means Absolute. *** * * * * * * *** 3. Auction Closing Date. Bidding continues until ___19:00___ Arizona Standard Time on ___January 29, 2023___. At that time, lots will begin closing at a rate of 1 to 4 lots per minute until the last item is sold. With overtime bidding (soft close time extensions), this auction could last/end hours beyond the posted closing time. PLEASE use your max-bid feature and watch the online, real-time, closing countdown timers for best results. 4. Bidder Registration; Bidder Qualification. YOU must register to bid. Auction Firm may establish such Bidder Registration requirements and Bidder qualifications as Auction Firm determines, in its discretion, to be reasonably necessary or appropriate. In order to register to bid, YOU must provide such information as requested by Auction Firm, including YOUR name, address, telephone number, email address, and a valid credit card number. YOUR address on the registration must match the address on file with your credit card company. Auction Firm may refuse to accept a Bidder Registration from any potential Bidder, may refuse to grant bidding privileges to any potential Bidder, and may revoke the Bidder Registration or bidding privileges of any Bidder. By registering to bid, YOU represent to Auction Firm that, if YOU are a natural person, YOU are at least eighteen (18) years of age and that YOU are otherwise legally able to enter into a contract. Each entity registering to bid represents that it has the power and authority to register, to bid, and to complete the purchase transaction if it is the Winning Bidder. YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have read, understand, and agree to be bound by, these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. Auction Firm may, in its absolute discretion, receive bids from a person or entity that has not registered to bid, and/or who has not satisfied all requirements for Bidder Registration, and/or that has not previously been granted bidding privileges (first time bidding with auction firm), and, by bidding, such person or entity will be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions, any and all other terms and conditions posted on the Auction Firm website(s), and the terms and conditions posted on the websites of any Online Auction Platform Provider(s) used by Auction Firm. Auction Firm at its sole discretion, may deny registration or bids or bidding activity or bids placed to any person or entity. Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential. Bidders are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. If the registered bidder's username is offensive to Auction Firm, or in Auction Firm’s sole opinion detrimental to Bidding Activity, then Auction Firm reserves the right to delete the bidder from bidding or unilaterally change the username with notification to the Bidder. Bidder qualification provisions are intended for the benefit of Auction Firm and its Seller(s), and create no rights or interests in any other persons, including competing Bidders. Auction Firm and/or its Seller(s) may (but will not be required to) waive any Bidder qualifications, either globally or on a case by case basis. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED OR BID AT AUCTION FIRM’S (COPPER STATE AUCTIONS) ONLINE OR LIVE AUCTIONS OR ARE REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME – PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to bid on an item that is over $250.00 in value or intend to bid on multiple items of more than $250.00 in value, you must call, text or email Auction Firm prior to bidding and inform Auction Firm that you would like to make a bid or bids exceeding this new bidder reputation amount of $250.00. Some bidders, who have a limited relationship or newly established relationship with Auction Firm may be denied bids, registration or have bids cancelled by Auction Firm because of bidder reputation, verifiable (not known to auction firm or registration mis-match) identification information, bidding behavior, bid quantity or bidding amounts placed at auction believed to be fraudulent, made without Bidder’s consent, intention to defraud or without intent to pay, procure, pickup or remove items bid; in which case Bidders may be denied bidding or registration or have bids cancelled, rejected or not approved all together by Auction Firm. WHEN REGISTERING PLEASE USE THE “NOTES TO AUCTIONEER” BOX TO COMMUNICATE TO AUCTION FIRM BIDDING INTENTIONS IF YOU ARE A NEW BIDDER OR DESIRE TO BID MORE THAN $250.00 ON ANY ONE LOT NUMBER OR MORE THAN $250.00 IN TOTAL. 5. Auction Conducted in the State of Arizona. The Auction is conducted in the State of Arizona, United States of America. All property is offered for sale in the State of Arizona and will be sold and delivered in the State of Arizona. Notwithstanding YOUR physical location, these Bidder Terms and Conditions are entered into in the State of Arizona, all bids and payments are received in the State of Arizona, and all contracts between Seller and Buyer are formed and entered into in the State of Arizona, and all Lots will be delivered in the State of Arizona. 6. Buyer's Premium. A Buyer’s Premium, or Buyer’s fee, will be charged on all Lots. The Buyer's Premium, which will be paid by the Buyer to Auction Firm for its own account, will be calculated as a percentage of the Hammer Price for each Lot, and will be added to the Hammer Price to determine the final Contract Price. The Buyer's Premium will be fifteen percent (15.0%) of the Hammer Price for each Lot, and is earned by (and may be retained by) Auction Firm with the Fall of the Hammer. 7. Access to Online Auction Platform; Premises. YOU assume all risks associated with YOUR access to the Auction, including the Online Auction Platform, the premises of Auction Firm, and any other physical location associated with Auction Firm or the Auction. Any person may be denied access to the Auction, the Online Auction Platform, and the premises of Auction Firm or any other physical location associated with Auction Firm or the Auction. 8. Nature of the Auction. Unless expressly stated otherwise in writing, the Auction will be With Reserve. Auction Firm may Withdraw any Lot prior to the Fall of the Hammer on such Lot. 9. No Bid Retraction. YOU may not retract a bid that has been acknowledged by Auction Firm or that has been submitted online. YOU acknowledge and agree that Auction Firm is acting in reliance on tendered bids in the conduct of the Auction, and that bid retraction is disruptive and interferes with the Auction, and that, as an inducement for Auction Firm to accept YOUR Registration and to grant YOU bidding privileges, and for YOU to bid at the Auction, YOU agree not to withdraw or to attempt to withdraw any bid tendered by YOU. 10. Posted Times. All times are based on the Arizona Standard Time Zone (Arizona is in the U.S. Mountain Time Zone, however, Arizona does NOT observe Saving Time within this Time Zone. Posted closing times and time displays are approximate. Auction Firm reserves the right, in Auction Firm’s sole and absolute discretion, to close early or extend the Auction. 11. Handling of Online Bids; Maximum Bid Amounts. YOU may establish a maximum bid amount. Online Bids will ordinarily be initiated at an established opening bid amount or at the next bid increment, which amount may be less than YOUR maximum bid amount. Online bids will automatically be executed competitively up to the Fall of the Hammer (or other termination of the bidding). The receipt and execution of online bids will not create an agency relationship between Auction Firm and YOU. 12. Bid Increments. Auction Firm establishes bid increments, and may modify or change, bid increments; bid increments for online auctions are posted in the information section of the auction. 13. Buying Multiples (X THE MONEY). When bidding on multiples of an item in a single lot, you are bidding the price for one (1) item x the number of items indicated in red to the left of the photo. Example: x5 = your bid price x that same price for 5 items; this is also indicated next to the current bid price before bidding. 14. Relationship of the Parties. Auction Firm is the agent of the Seller(s), and represents the Seller(s) exclusively. Auction Firm is not YOUR agent or representative, and is not acting on YOUR behalf. 15. Winning Bid; Buyer. The Bidder making the Winning Bid for any Lot, will be the Buyer of the Lot upon final certification by Auction Firm. The final determination of the Winning Bidder is subject to certification by Auction Firm. At the conclusion of the Auction YOU will receive an email with an invoice advising YOU of the items won. Winning Bidders will receive an email only. YOU are responsible for checking YOUR email account. Auction Firm recommends checking your junk/spam folders for Auction Firm’s emails as well as adding Auction Firm’s email address to your safe sender/whitelist addresses. BIDDING ON FIREARMS: In accordance with Federal Law every gun purchase must be approved via an NICS background check. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be aware of his or her ability to pass a federal NICS background check. It is also the responsibility of the inter/ out of state purchaser to be aware of the specific laws of their city, township or location, including residing state, regarding the legality of receiving a firearm. Federal Regulations prohibit auction firm to sell any firearm or firearm-related item outside of the United States. If a buyer of a firearm is denied a NICS clearance to proceed with the firearm transfer, that buyer will forfeit the entire purchase price, including all taxes and fees collected or due. 16. Records. Absent clerical errors, the records of Auction Firm will be final and conclusive for all purposes. 17. Technology Disruptions. Auction Firm will not be responsible for technology disruptions, errors, or failures (including disruptions to bidding or the failure to execute, recognize, or record online bids), whether caused by (i) loss of connectivity, breakdown, disruption, or failure of the Online Auction Platform, (ii) errors in programming or set-up of the online Auction, (iii) breakdown, disruption, or failure of a Bidder's internet connection, computer, or system, or (iv) otherwise. Auction Firm may, but will not be required to, continue, suspend, delay, extend, reschedule, close, re-set, or re-start the Auction because of disruptions caused by technology failures or errors, even after bidding has commenced. 18. Failures by Online Auction Platform Provider and its Affiliates or Contractors. Auction Firm may use an Online Auction Platform Provider to facilitate the Auction. Under no circumstances will Auction Firm be liable for any failure of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform all or any of its obligations, or for the failure of any affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, or contractors of the Online Auction Platform Provider to perform their obligations. 19. Auction Closing; Auto-Extend Feature. The online Auction moves fast and closes one Lot every fifteen to sixty (15-60) seconds; each lot will display the remaining time left on the count-down timer in which the Bidder may place a bid. The automatic system will close the bidding on intervals. The closing time of a Lot is automatically extended by an additional 5 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the Lot’s closing time, and will continue to be so extended until there is a set period of time that lapses during which no advancing online bids are received, after which bidding on the Lot will close. 20. Disclaimer Regarding Online Auction Platform(s). Auction Firm makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims all representations and warranties, (i) that any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free, (ii) as to the results that may be obtained by using any Online Auction Platform(s) or any related website(s) or technology, or (iii) as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or current nature of any Online Auction Platform(s), or any related website(s) or technology. 21. Responsibility for Online Bids. YOU are responsible for all bids transmitted from YOUR computer or from YOUR Bidder Account. If a Winning Bid is sent from YOUR computer or using YOUR Bidder Account, YOU will be the Buyer on certification by Auction Firm. 22. All Property Sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS", and "WITH ALL FAULTS". ALL PROPERTY IS BEING OFFERED AND SOLD IN ITS “AS IS/WHERE IS” CONDITION AT THE TIME OF THE AUCTION, WITH ALL FAULTS, INCLUDING ANY HIDDEN DEFECTS OF ANY NATURE. NEITHER AUCTION FIRM NOR SELLER MAKES ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE NATURE, VALUE, SOURCE, AUTHENTICITY, FITNESS, MERCHANTABILITY, AND/OR ANY OTHER ASPECT OR CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCH PROPERTY. NO STATEMENT ANYWHERE, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING VERBAL STATEMENTS MADE BY AUCTION FIRM, WILL BE DEEMED A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION BY AUCTION FIRM OR ANY SELLER. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, AUTHENTICITY, ORIGIN, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ALL OF WHICH ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU CANNOT RELY ON, AND YOU HAVE NOT RELIED ON, ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTY MADE BY ANY SELLER OR ANYONE ACTING AS AGENT OF A SELLER (INCLUDING AUCTION FIRM), ORALLY OR IN WRITING, ABOUT ANY LOT. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE HAD A FULL AND FAIR OPPORTUNITY TO INSPECT ALL LOTS, AND THAT YOU ARE RELYING SOLELY ON, OR HAVE WAIVED, YOUR INSPECTION AND INVESTIGATION (i) IN DETERMINING WHETHER TO BID, (ii) IN DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF YOUR BID(S), AND (iii) IN BIDDING. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE CONDITION, AGE, GENUINENESS, VALUE, OR ANY OTHER DETERMINATIVE FACTORS REGARDING ANY LOT ON WHICH YOU BID. 23. Bidder's Inspection; Adequacy of Description and Images. YOU are encouraged to inspect the Lot(s), or to have the Lot(s) inspected by YOUR agent or representative before bidding. By bidding, YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the Lot(s), and that YOU are relying solely on YOUR inspection and investigation, or that YOU have waived inspection and investigation, and that you have not relied on any statement, representation, warranty, or guaranty made by any Seller or anyone acting as agent or representative of a Seller (including Auction Firm), and any photographs or other images of Lot(s) are adequate for YOUR purposes. CAUTION: Always read the item description. Varied equipment or item(s) may be joined for demonstration and/or display purposes. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they may be connected or pictured together. Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions. YOU are bidding on the described item not the photo – on a rare occasion, the wrong photo may be displayed: ALWAYS READ THE LOT DESCRIPTION. 24. Description of Property. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, any description of a Lot is based solely on visual impression, and is given solely for identification purposes, and does not create any warranty, expressed or implied, or representation by Auction Firm. 25. High and Low Estimates. If and to the extent that High Estimates and Low Estimates are used, they are merely a guide. You may not rely on High Estimates or Low Estimates as a prediction of the Hammer Price or the value of any Lot, or for any other purpose. High and Low Estimates are not a guaranty of price or value, and are not an indicator of the possible re-sale value of any Lot. High Estimates and Low Estimates do not include the Buyer’s Premium. 26. Announcements. Announcements made, or posted, by Auction Firm on the day of, or during, the Auction are binding and take precedence over any prior advertisements or listings. Auction Firm reserves the right to (i) add or remove Lots, (ii) split or combine lots, (iii) add minimum bids or reserve prices, (iv) cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule any Lot or the Auction in its entirety, and make changes to the Auction closing times and/or inspection and/or removal times. 27. Bidding by or on Behalf of Seller(s). Seller(s) may bid directly, or indirectly, on any Lot, and Auction Firm may place bids on a Seller's behalf up to the Reserve Price, if any. 28. Conduct of the Auction. Auction Firm will regulate all matters relating to the conduct of the Auction and the decisions of Auction Firm will be final and binding. Auction Firm will have control over bidding, and Auction Firm will resolve any and all disputes. Auction Firm may, in Auction Firm’s sole and absolute discretion, reopen the bidding (but will not be required to) if (i) a bid was tendered prior to the fall of the Hammer but went unnoticed by Auction Firm until called to Auction Firm’s attention after the Fall of the Hammer or other termination of the bidding, or (ii) a technology disruption, failure, or error, caused a bid that was tendered, or attempted to be tendered, prior to the hammer from being received or recognized, or (iii) some other error or dispute occurs. Any contracts formed with the Fall of the Hammer will be subject to the conditions set forth in this Section. If bidding is reopened, the High Bid recognized by Auction Firm prior to the reopening of the bidding will be held, and may not be retracted, and, if no further bids are received, such bid will be the Winning Bid. Auction Firm conducts all auctions according to, and in compliance with, the Uniform Commercial Code §2-326, §2-328 and the Uniform Sales Act. In addition, as required by statute, we coordinate with local law enforcement agencies regarding the origin and background of stolen property in respect to the sale of all goods offered at our auctions. Auction Firm’s employees may, as a sole and separate entity from Auction Firm, register and bid. 29. Contract of Sale for Personal Property. No additional or further writing will be required to evidence the existence of a contract of sale for any Lot sold at the Auction regardless of the Hammer Price, and these Bidder Terms and Conditions, together with the records of Auction Firm identifying the Lot, the Hammer Price, and the Buyer, will be conclusive evidence as to the terms of the sale. These Bidder Terms and Conditions will be incorporated into and made a part of each contract between a Buyer and a Seller. 30. Payment. All Lots must be paid for in-full within 48 (2) days/hours after the close of the Auction. Online purchases must be paid by credit card, certified funds, cash, or by wire transfer; provided, however, that any online purchases in excess of one thousand Dollars ($1000.00) must be paid by certified funds or wire transfer unless other arrangements acceptable to Auction Firm are made. In the event of a non-performing buyer, the buyer's registration information will be shared with other online venues, contractors, agencies or online entities in an attempt to collect payment. Blocking or banning of the Bidder may also occur including sharing Bidder information with other Auction Firms of non-performance, breach of contract or non-payment. Non-performing and/or non-paying Bidders may result in suspension or permanent ban of Bidder registration or use of Bidder’s number or account. 31. Declined Credit Card. If your credit card is declined at reconciliation for any reason whatsoever, YOU may be charged a $10 processing fee to run another credit card or to run same card at a later time. Section 30 Rules apply to any declined, do not honor or unsuccessful credit card transaction or charge that cannot be completed. 32. Title. If YOU are certified as the Winning Bidder on a Lot by Auction Firm, YOU will be contractually obligated to pay the Contract Price for that Lot. However, title and ownership of the Lot will not pass from the Seller to YOU until payment is made and clears. 33. Delivery; Sales Tax. All Lots will be delivered to YOU at Auction Firm’s location in the State of Arizona, or at such other location within the State of Arizona as indicated in the Auction listing. YOU may designate, appoint, and empower an agent to accept delivery of YOUR purchases in the State of Arizona and YOU are responsible to arrange for shipment of YOUR property to a location designated by YOU. For Online Auctions, the shipping address will be designated by YOU upon registration and printed on your invoice; if YOU request shipping to an address that is different from YOUR invoice, YOU must email Auction Firm a request, with the desired shipping address, indicating YOUR consent to ship YOUR purchase. Unless an exemption applies, all purchases are subject to Arizona sales tax, and any applicable local sales tax charged by a municipality within the State of Arizona. Sales tax will be collected at the point of sale and remitted to the State of Arizona and to any applicable local taxing authorities. The foregoing notwithstanding, if another jurisdiction or taxing authority (including, without being limited to, the jurisdiction in which YOU reside, conduct business, or maintain the Lots purchased by YOU) requires the collection and remittance of sales tax, use tax, or a similar tax, YOU will be responsible for payment of an amount equal to such tax (e.g. collection of tax on currency, coins of bullion that may be considered non-collectible). If Bidder claims an exemption from sales tax, it is the Bidder's responsibility to provide the appropriate resale or exemption certificate for each auction at which the Bidder makes a purchase. This sales tax exemption certificate must be presented to, accepted and approved by Copper State Auctions before the close of the auction in which Bidder is requesting an exemption of sales (TPT) taxes. Please email documents to If it is determined that sales tax is collected and paid to the wrong taxing authority, YOU and Auction Firm will cooperate in efforts to obtain a refund of such tax; all such request must be in writing to Auction Firm within 30 days of sale. 34. Pick-up and Removal; Shipping; Insurance. YOU are responsible for pick-up and removal of Lot(s) purchased by YOU. Pick-up and removal dates and times will be stated on YOUR invoice and will also be posted on Auction Firm’s website and detailed in each online auction listing. Unless otherwise agreed, YOU are solely responsible for the disassembly, rigging, removal, shipping, and transportation of each Lot purchased by YOU. Disassembly and removal must be done in a workmanlike manner, and YOU will indemnify and hold harmless both Auction Firm and Seller(s) against any and all damage caused by YOU or YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors in connection with the disassembly or removal of any Lot(s). Any and all damage, including, without being limited to damage to land or buildings, caused by YOU or by YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors, will be repaired by YOU, or at YOUR expense, to the satisfaction of Auction Firm and Seller(s). YOU are responsible for insuring all Lots purchased by YOU. If a Lot is not available for pickup, then YOU must notify Auction Firm’s on-site staff and file a claim by replying to your original emailed invoice noting what was not available within 24 hours of the pickup date; after 24 hours of the close of the removal period, no adjustment or refund will be made. Any Lots shipped to YOU will be via a shipment contract free on board at Auction Firm’s location in the State of Arizona or at such location within the State of Arizona as indicated in the Auction listing. Possession and risk of loss will pass to you at the point of shipment in the State of Arizona. Shipping of items, other than firearms is available on the following handling charge schedule indicated in the “Shipping/ Pick Up” section of the online listing, plus postage. The minimum charge for shipping and handling is $20.00, which may include a handling fee. The charge for handling (preparing and boxing an item) is $9.90, some items may require an oversize/special size/heavy duty packaging fee of $9.90, these fees will be per box shipped. Auction Firm document the contents of each package. Please do not discard the original shipping box and packaging if you think something is missing. Contact Auction Firm immediately if you believe an item is missing. All claims of missing, or broken in transit, items must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery of the item(s). 35. Failure to Pick-up or Arrange for the Delivery; Abandoned Property; Storage. Any Lot(s) not removed within ten (10) days after the Auction will be deemed abandoned to Auction Firm, even if paid for, and YOU will give up all rights with respect to such Lot(s). Subject to applicable law, beginning ten (10) days after the Auction, and continuing until the removal or other disposition of any Lot(s) not been picked-up or removed, a storage charge in the amount of ten Dollars ($10.00) per day will accrue, and Auction Firm will have a possessory lien against such Lot(s) that may be executed on in order to satisfy such storage charges. Under any circumstances, YOU are responsible for the full Contract Price of all Lots on which YOU are the Winning Bidder. 36. Shipping of Firearms. All firearms must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) of the YOUR choosing, FFLs are easy to find (most gun shops will do this for you or find one by copying and pasting this URL into your browser: and most charge a nominal fee for this service. No later than 48 hours (2 days) after the close of the Auction, the shipping address and a copy of the accepting FFL license must be sent to Auction Firm by email at All firearms will be shipped with insurance covering the purchase price including Buyer’s Premium. A shipping and handling fee of $50, plus postage, will be assessed to the buyer for each firearm shipped. The receiving FFL will, then, perform the transfer of the firearm to YOU including any required background checks, YOU are responsible for any fees assessed by the FFL. A $40 Transfer Fee is required per firearm and will be added to your invoice if purchasing a firearm that requires a background check. 37. Ammunition. Ammunition may not be available to ship to certain locations. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure YOUR delivery address WILL accept ammunition shipments. 38. All Sales Final. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. 39. No Credit Card Chargebacks. YOU agree that such YOU will not, under any circumstances, initiate a credit card chargeback with respect to any purchases, including shipping and handling charges incurred at the Auction. YOU further agree that if, in violation of these Terms and Conditions, a credit card chargeback is initiated, these Bidder Terms and Conditions will be conclusive evidence of YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback; and YOU acknowledge and agree that on the presentation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions to the bank, credit card company, or other financial institution that issued the credit card on which charges were made, such bank, credit card company, or other financial institution will reverse or deny any credit card chargeback, and will re-credit all amounts to or for the account of Auction Firm. If, in violation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, YOU initiate a credit card chargeback, even if successful, YOU will remain liable for all purchases made at the Auction, and YOU will be responsible for all costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, incurred by or on behalf of Auction Firm and/or any Seller(s) in challenging the credit card chargeback and in collecting payment. YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback is a condition to YOUR Registration as a Bidder, and for the privilege of bidding at the Auction, and is being made as an inducement for Auction Firm to accept YOUR Registration and to permit YOU to bid at the Auction. Auction Firm is relying on YOUR agreement not to initiate a credit card chargeback in accepting YOUR Bidder Registration and in permitting YOU to bid at the Auction. 40. Claims. Unless otherwise provided in writing, after a Lot has been picked-up or removed by YOU or on YOUR behalf, or shipment has been made, picked up by carrier for shipment or dropped off to carrier for shipment, no claims or returns will be allowed and there will be no adjustments or rescissions. 41. Third-Parties and Subsequent Purchasers. Auction Firm has no relationship with any third-parties or subsequent purchasers of Lot(s), and no third-party or subsequent purchaser may rely on any statements or descriptions made by Auction Firm, nor will Auction Firm have any liability to such persons or entities. YOU agree to indemnify Auction Firm and to hold Auction Firm harmless from and against any and all claims made by third-parties or subsequent purchasers of any Lot(s) purchased by YOU. 42. Buyer's Remedies; Bidders/Buyers Not Entitled to Incidental or Consequential Damages. To the extent that YOU may be entitled to any remedies in connection with the Auction, the sole and exclusive remedy available to YOU is a return, from Seller, of (i) the Hammer Price actually paid, and (ii) an amount equal to the Buyer’s Premium. Under no circumstances will Auction Firm or the Seller be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, without being limited to lost profits or reduced productivity. YOU, further, acknowledge and agree that YOU are not entitled to specific performance or other equitable relief. 43. Seller's Remedies. If YOU breach any obligations under these Terms and Conditions or under a contract with a Seller, such property may be re-sold and YOU will be responsible for any and all damages, including any deficiency or reduction in the Contract Price, along with incidental damages. 44. Private Sale. YOU agree not to enter into a Private Sale transaction with the Seller(s) of any Lot(s) prior to or during the Auction. If YOU enter into a Private Sale transaction with the Seller(s) of any Lot(s) prior to or during the Auction, or within three (3) days after the Auction (for any Lot(s) not sold at the Auction), Auction Firm will be entitled to receive an amount equal to its full Commission and Buyer’s Premium (calculated as a percentage of the Private Sale Price), together with reimbursable expenses; and YOU and the Seller will be jointly and severally liable to Auction Firm for the payment of such amounts. 45. Waiver. Certain provisions of these Bidder Terms and Conditions are for the exclusive benefit of Auction Firm and/or Seller(s). Such provisions (including, without being limited to, Bidder registration and qualification requirements, payment terms, removal and delivery terms, and inspection terms) do not create, and will not be deemed to create, any benefits or rights in favor of any other persons, including competing Bidders, and may not be enforced by any other persons. Either globally or on a case by case basis Auction Firm and/or Seller may (but will not be required to) waive any provisions of these Bidder Terms and Conditions that are intended for the benefit of Auction Firm and/or Seller. 46. Indemnification. YOU agree to indemnify Auction Firm, and to hold Auction Firm harmless, with respect to any damages claimed in connection with the Auction or purchases made at the Auction and with respect to any subsequent sale of Lots. 47. Email List; Agreement to Receive Email. YOU agree to be added to an email list maintained by Auction Firm. Each email Auction Firm sends will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. YOU agree not to report any email sent by or on behalf of Auction Firm as spam. 48. Governing Law; Dispute Resolution. This Agreement and its interpretations will be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, including its statutes of limitation, but without regard to its rules governing conflict of law. Any suit relating to this Agreement will be brought in the Courts in the county of Maricopa in the state of Arizona. In any litigation or other legal proceeding which may arise between any of the parties hereto, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover its costs and expenses, including court costs and expenses incurred on appeal, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. YOU WAIVE THE RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. State and Local Tax is Collected on All Goods Sold - Even Items Shipped Out-of-State - * A 15% Buyers Premium Will Be Added to All Purchases * All Goods Must Be Removed From the Premises By the Stated Deadline Time and Date * All Goods Bid Must Be Paid Before Pickup or Removal of Any Item. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING and BIDDING AT OUR AUCTION, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOURSELF - YOU'RE NOW PART OF OUR AUCTION FAMILY! --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 39.00 1.00 USD
39.01 - 99.00 2.00 USD
99.01 - 299.00 5.00 USD
299.01 - 499.00 10.00 USD
499.01 - 999.00 20.00 USD
999.01 - 4,999.00 25.00 USD
4,999.01 - 9,999.00 100.00 USD
9,999.01 - 19,999.00 250.00 USD
19,999.01 - 99,999.00 500.00 USD
99,999.01 - 9,999,999.99 1,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 15% Buyer Premium Added to All Purchases
Payment Terms
Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, Diners Club Cards & Payment Online via CurrencyPay are Accepted - Purchases/Shipping Charged to Card Specified in Your Account on File When You Register for the Auction - You May Have Multiple Cards Registered, However We Can Only Charge the Credit Card in Which You Provided the CCV Number When You Registered for THIS Auction
WE ONLY SHIP ITEMS THAT ARE DESIGNATED FOR SHIPPING AS SHOWN IN EACH LOT. LOOK ABOVE THE BID BUTTON TO SEE IF A LOT CAN BE SHIPPED. WE WILL TRY TO FIT YOUR ITEMS INTO THE LEAST NUMBER OF BOXES AS POSSIBLE, HOWEVER SOME ITEMS WILL REQUIRE an UNUSUAL OR OVERSIZED BOX RESULTING IN AN OVERSIZED SHIPPING CHARGE. Pickup On-Site at a Residential Home in E Mesa, AZ 85205 (University Drive and Higley Roads), One Day Only: Monday January 30, 2023 11:00am to 6:00pm. You Can Use Our Online Appointment Scheduler: Copy & Paste This URL Into Your Browser: Or Please Call or Text Us for More Information & Details. 602-888-2BID. ~*~*~*~*~*~* PLEASE NOTE: DOMESTIC SHIPPING COSTS ARE: $20.00 for a Small USPS flat rate box, $25.00 for a Medium USPS flat rate box or $30.00 for a Large flat rate box (charges are per box and include shipping and handling - LARGE FLAT RATE BOXES ARE NOT VERY BIG 8" X 12" X 12" - MOST SHIPPING WILL NEED A LARGER BOX). If we offer shipping on an item that is not a flat rate charge, there will be an $9.90 Handling Fee added to the cost of shipping. We utilize FedEx and UPS as alternative carriers which may offer a faster, more secure, less expensive option to USPS. If an unusual or oversized or heavy duty box is required to ship your item, there will be an additional $9.90 charge for the shipping materials. You will be invoiced before we are able to ship your items. Card on file, when registered, will be charged for EACH shipment and an email will be sent with an updated invoice showing charges and tacking numbers. MINIMUM SHIPPING COST IS $20.00 REGARDLESS OF SIZE OR QUANTITY OF ITEMS BOUGHT OR TO ADDRESS LOCATION SHIPPED. Shipping irregular or heavy items, long distances, significantly increases shipping costs; please bid accordingly. Local Bidders and Buyers Are Requested to Pick up One Day Only: Monday January 30. 2023 9:00am to 1:00pm. THERE IS JUST ONE PICKUP DAY AND TIME. Pickup On-Site at a Residential Home in East Mesa. Pickup Address will be on your invoice Emailed at the Conclusion of the Auction. Pickup Home is Near Higley Drive and University Road in Mesa, AZ. ~*~*~ LAST OPPORTUNITY TO PICKUP IS Monday January 30, 2022 6:00pm. - IF ITEMS ARE NOT PICKED UP BY THIS DATE, THEN OWNERSHIP AND CLAIMS TO OWNERSHIP ARE FORFEITED. - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ITEMS BID. - IF YOU CANNOT PICKUP YOUR ITEMS DURING THESE TIMES; PLEASE DO NOT BID. - PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT ABLE TO HELP YOU LOAD YOUR ITEMS. - BRING NECESSARY VEHICLES, MOVERS, HELPERS OR ASSISTANCE TO LOAD OUT YOUR ITEMS - INCLUDING DOLLIES AND EXTRA HELP TO MOVE AND LOAD HEAVY ITEMS, PACKING MATERIALS AND ANY ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO SECURE TRANSPORT SUCH AS ROPE OR TIE-DOWNS. SCHEDULE A PICKUP & LOAD OUT TIME NOW: